Commit 585eafb4 authored by Sergi Hernandez's avatar Sergi Hernandez
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Merge branch 'generic_dyn_reconf' into 'master'

Solved a bug with the module rate handle functions: It is a ros::Rate object...

See merge request !2
parents 814d7e09 e5aac862
......@@ -278,13 +278,13 @@ void CModule<ModuleCfg>::set_rate(double rate_hz)
throw CModuleException(_HERE_,"Module rate must be positive",this->name);
template<class ModuleCfg>
double CModule<ModuleCfg>::get_rate(void)
return this->module_rate;
return 1.0/(this->module_rate.expectedCycleTime().toSec());
template<class ModuleCfg>
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