Commit 66f5ce5e authored by Ken Tossell's avatar Ken Tossell
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added video format param. set min=0 for unsigned int params

parent 2bc8f76c
......@@ -25,13 +25,24 @@ gen.add("serial", str_t, SensorLevels.RECONFIGURE_CLOSE,
gen.add("index", int_t, SensorLevels.RECONFIGURE_CLOSE,
"Index into the list of cameras that match the above parameters.",
0, 0)
gen.add("width", int_t, SensorLevels.RECONFIGURE_CLOSE,
"Image width.", 640)
"Image width.", 640, 0)
gen.add("height", int_t, SensorLevels.RECONFIGURE_CLOSE,
"Image height.", 480)
"Image height.", 480, 0)
video_modes = gen.enum([gen.const("uncompressed", str_t, "uncompressed", "Use any uncompressed format"),
gen.const("yuyv", str_t, "yuyv", "YUYV"),
gen.const("uyvy", str_t, "uyvy", "UYVY"),
gen.const("rgb", str_t, "rgb", "RGB"),
gen.const("jpeg", str_t, "jpeg", "JPEG/MJPEG")],
"Video stream format")
gen.add("video_mode", str_t, SensorLevels.RECONFIGURE_CLOSE,
"Format of video stream from camera.", "uncompressed",
edit_method = video_modes)
gen.add("frame_rate", double_t, SensorLevels.RECONFIGURE_CLOSE,
"Camera speed, frames per second.", 15.0, 0.1, 1000.0)
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