Commit 7ae909df authored by Sergi Hernandez's avatar Sergi Hernandez
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Added an include for the memcpy function (string.h)

Fixed cmake find script.
parent 3ab6b557
#edit the following line to add the librarie's header files
FIND_PATH(usb_i2c_adapter_INCLUDE_DIR <your own header files> /usr/include/iridrivers /usr/local/include/iridrivers)
FIND_PATH(usb_i2c_adapter_INCLUDE_DIR usb_i2c.h /usr/include/iridrivers /usr/local/include/iridrivers)
NAMES usb_i2c_adapter
#include "usb_i2c.h"
#include "eventexceptions.h"
#include "string.h"
CUSBI2C::CUSBI2C(const std::string &adapter_id)
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