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[WIP] enforce passing Capture by their Sensor

Jeremie Deray requested to merge capture_passby_sensor into master

As discuss (and agreed) during our last meeting, captures should be added to the problem through their sensor as it makes more sense than having them free-floating and calling the ->process() function themselves.

Processing a capture is now done within the call of my_sensor->addCapture(my_capture) rather than calling it directly (my_capture->process()).

This PR is WIP as I would like to propose to remove the SensorBasePtr from the CaptureBase constructor. :


CaptureBase(const std::string& _type, const TimeStamp& _ts, SensorBasePtr _sensor_ptr = nullptr);


CaptureBase(const std::string& _type, const TimeStamp& _ts);

as it is also set in SensorBase::addCapture(...).

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