Commit 409d4561 authored by Joan Solà Ortega's avatar Joan Solà Ortega
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Fix data type that was conflicting sometimes

parent 0d5a66a9
......@@ -429,12 +429,13 @@ Matrix<typename Derived2::Scalar, 2, 1> pixellizePoint(const MatrixBase<Derived1
typedef typename Derived1::Scalar S;
typedef typename Derived2::Scalar T;
T u_0 = k(0);
T v_0 = k(1);
T a_u = k(2);
T a_v = k(3);
const S& u_0 = k(0);
const S& v_0 = k(1);
const S& a_u = k(2);
const S& a_v = k(3);
Matrix<T, 2, 1> u;
u(0) = u_0 + a_u * ud(0);
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