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Fixed wheel_distance. Added readme

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# Description
This package provide some ADC participant oriented launch files and config files to start up the model car and run some advanced functionalities. Check the main [model car documentation]( for further information.
# Dependencies
This node has the following dependencies:
* none
# Install
Move to the active workspace:
roscd && cd ../src
Clone the repository:
git clone <url>
Install ROS dependencies:
cd ..
rosdep install -i -r --from-paths src
Compile the workspace:
# How to use it
This package provide differents launch files that can be tested.
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ odom_frame: "adc_car/odom"
robot_frame: "adc_car/base_footprint"
encoder_ticks: 30
wheel_diameter: 0.100
wheel_distance: 0.216
wheel_distance: 0.261
axel_distance: 0.3662
filter_coeff: 0.3
speed_deadband: 0.1
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