Commit e171c45b authored by Pep Martí Saumell's avatar Pep Martí Saumell
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# driver source files
SET(sources common_fc.cpp kinematics.cpp uam_task_ctrl.cpp)
SET(sources_tasks tasks/ir.cpp tasks/vs.cpp tasks/cog.cpp tasks/jl.cpp tasks/eepos.cpp
tasks/heading.cpp tasks/basepos.cpp tasks/jl_ineq.cpp)
tasks/heading.cpp tasks/basepos.cpp tasks/jl_ineq.cpp tasks/jlvel_ineq.cpp)
# application header files
SET(headers common_obj.h common_fc.h kinematics.h uam_task_ctrl.h)
SET(headers_tasks tasks/ir.h tasks/vs.h tasks/cog.h tasks/jl.h tasks/eepos.h
tasks/heading.h tasks/basepos.h tasks/jl_ineq.h)
tasks/heading.h tasks/basepos.h tasks/jl_ineq.h tasks/jlvel_ineq.h)
# locate the necessary dependencies
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