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Add mapping launch and update mapping yaml parameters

parent 6baae790
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- -->
<arg name="name" default="turtlebot"/>
<arg name="path" default="$(find iri_turtlebot_launch)/params"/>
<arg name="move_base_params" default="move_base_params.yaml"/>
<arg name="costmap_common_params" default="common_params.yaml"/>
<arg name="costmap_local_params" default="local_params.yaml"/>
<arg name="costmap_global_params" default="global_params.yaml"/>
<arg name="map_frame_id" default="map"/>
<arg name="resolution" default="0.1"/>
<arg name="local_planner" default="dwa"/>
<arg name="global_planner" default="global_planner"/>
<arg name="rviz" default="true"/>
<arg name="rviz_file" default="$(find iri_turtlebot_launch)/rviz/nav.rviz"/>
<arg name="output" default="screen" />
<arg name="launch_prefix" default="" />
<include file="$(find iri_rosnav)/launch/nav.launch">
<arg name="ns" value="$(arg name)"/>
<arg name="path" value="$(arg path)"/>
<arg name="move_base_params" value="$(arg move_base_params)"/>
<arg name="costmap_common_params" value="$(arg costmap_common_params)"/>
<arg name="costmap_local_params" value="$(arg costmap_local_params)"/>
<arg name="costmap_global_params" value="$(arg costmap_global_params)"/>
<arg name="map_frame_id" value="map"/>
<arg name="odom_frame_id" value="odom"/>
<arg name="base_frame_id" value="base_footprint"/>
<arg name="map_topic" value="/$(arg name)/map"/>
<arg name="map_service" value="/$(arg name)/static_map"/>
<arg name="odom_topic" value="/odom"/>
<arg name="cmd_vel_topic" value="/cmd_vel_mux/input/navi"/>
<arg name="scan_topic" value="/scan"/>
<arg name="use_map" value="true"/>
<arg name="use_map_server" value="false"/>
<arg name="map_name" value="empty"/>
<arg name="use_amcl" value="false"/>
<arg name="use_fake_loc" value="false"/>
<arg name="use_gmapping" value="true"/>
<arg name="gmapping_scan_topic" value="/scan"/>
<arg name="gmapping_config" value="$(find iri_turtlebot_launch)/params/gmapping.yaml"/>
<arg name="resolution" value="$(arg resolution)"/>
<arg name="local_planner" value="$(arg local_planner)"/>
<arg name="global_planner" value="$(arg global_planner)"/>
<arg name="output" value="$(arg output)" />
<arg name="launch_prefix" value="$(arg launch_prefix)" />
<node name="rviz"
if="$(arg rviz)"
args="-d $(arg rviz_file)">
map_update_interval: 5.0
maxUrange: 29.0
#name: value #default_value
throttle_scans: 1
#base_frame: base_link
#map_frame: map
#odom_frame: odom
map_update_interval: 1.0 #5.0
maxUrange: 7.8 #80.0
sigma: 0.05
kernelSize: 1
lstep: 0.05
......@@ -8,23 +14,25 @@ iterations: 5
lsigma: 0.075
ogain: 3.0
lskip: 0
minimumScore: 0.0 #0.0
srr: 0.1
srt: 0.2
str: 0.1
stt: 0.2
linearUpdate: 0.5
angularUpdate: 0.5
temporalUpdate: 10.0
linearUpdate: 0.1 #1.0
angularUpdate: 0.05 #0.5
temporalUpdate: 1.0 #-1.0
resampleThreshold: 0.5
particles: 80
particles: 80 #30
xmin: -5.0
ymin: -5.0
xmax: 5.0
ymax: 5.0
delta: 0.1
delta: 0.05 #0.05
llsamplerange: 0.01
llsamplestep: 0.01
lasamplerange: 0.005
lasamplestep: 0.005
\ No newline at end of file
lasamplestep: 0.005
transform_publish_period: 0.05
occ_thresh: 0.25
maxRange: 8.5
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