Commit ea9d298e authored by Joan Solà Ortega's avatar Joan Solà Ortega
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Normalize homogeneous landmark after transformation to world frame

parent 3a61ab9e
......@@ -492,7 +492,6 @@ LandmarkBasePtr ProcessorVisualOdometry::emplaceLandmark(FeatureBasePtr _feat)
double distance = 1;
Eigen::Vector4d vec_homogeneous_c;
vec_homogeneous_c = {point3d(0),point3d(1),point3d(2),point3d.norm()/distance};
//TODO: lmk from camera to world coordinate frame.
Transform<double,3,Isometry> T_w_r
......@@ -505,6 +504,9 @@ LandmarkBasePtr ProcessorVisualOdometry::emplaceLandmark(FeatureBasePtr _feat)
* T_r_c
* vec_homogeneous_c;
// normalize to make equivalent to a unit quaternion
auto lmk_hp_ptr = LandmarkBase::emplace<LandmarkHp>(getProblem()->getMap(),
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