Commit fa36ad35 authored by Sergi Hernandez's avatar Sergi Hernandez
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Added a link reference update type for the COpendriveLink objects.

parent b1fc7a4b
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ class COpendriveLink;
typedef std::map<COpendriveRoadNode *,COpendriveRoadNode *> node_up_ref_t;
typedef std::map<COpendriveLane *,COpendriveLane *> lane_up_ref_t;
typedef std::map<COpendriveRoadSegment *,COpendriveRoadSegment *> segment_up_ref_t;
typedef std::map<COpendriveLink *,COpendriveLink *> link_up_ref_t;
typedef struct
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