Commit d82187ac authored by Ken Tossell's avatar Ken Tossell
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added parameter for timestamping method

parent 66f5ce5e
......@@ -47,7 +47,15 @@ gen.add("video_mode", str_t, SensorLevels.RECONFIGURE_CLOSE,
gen.add("frame_rate", double_t, SensorLevels.RECONFIGURE_CLOSE,
"Camera speed, frames per second.", 15.0, 0.1, 1000.0)
# TODO: video mode -- uncompressed, yuyv, uyvy, rgb, compressed, jpeg, ...
timestamp_methods = gen.enum([gen.const("PubTime", str_t, "pub", "Time of publication"),
gen.const("FrameStartTime", str_t, "start", "Time when raw frame capture began"),
gen.const("FrameStopTime", str_t, "stop", "Time when raw frame capture ended"),
gen.const("HostReceiptTime", str_t, "hostrcpt", "Time when camera-to-host transfer completed")],
"Methods for determining the timestamp")
gen.add("timestamp_method", str_t, SensorLevels.RECONFIGURE_CLOSE,
"Method for determining the timestamp.", "start",
edit_method = timestamp_methods)
gen.add("frame_id", str_t, SensorLevels.RECONFIGURE_RUNNING,
"ROS tf frame of reference, resolved with tf_prefix unless absolute.",
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