Commit 59793ea8 authored by Alejandro Lopez Gestoso's avatar Alejandro Lopez Gestoso
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Added all the headers to FIND_PATH

parent 6946a288
#edit the following line to add the librarie's header files
FIND_PATH(usb_i2c_adapter_INCLUDE_DIR usb_i2c.h /usr/include/iri/usb_i2c_adapter /usr/local/include/iri/usb_i2c_adapter)
FIND_PATH(usb_i2c_adapter_INCLUDE_DIR usb_i2c.h usb_i2c_exceptions.h /usr/include/iri/usb_i2c_adapter /usr/local/include/iri/usb_i2c_adapter)
NAMES usb_i2c_adapter
......@@ -20,4 +20,4 @@ ELSE (usb_i2c_adapter_FOUND)
IF (usb_i2c_adapter_FIND_REQUIRED)
MESSAGE(FATAL_ERROR "Could not find usb_i2c_adapter")
ENDIF (usb_i2c_adapter_FIND_REQUIRED)
ENDIF (usb_i2c_adapter_FOUND)
\ No newline at end of file
ENDIF (usb_i2c_adapter_FOUND)
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