Commit 6946a288 authored by Alejandro Lopez Gestoso's avatar Alejandro Lopez Gestoso
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Moved .h files to include folder. Adapted CMakeLists.txt file to this change.

parent a867b384
# edit the following line to add all the source code files of the library
SET(sources usb_i2c.cpp usb_i2c_exceptions.cpp)
# edit the following line to add all the header files of the library
SET(headers usb_i2c.h usb_i2c_exceptions.h)
SET(headers ../include/usb_i2c.h ../include/usb_i2c_exceptions.h)
# edit the following line to find the necessary packages
# edit the following line to add the necessary include directories
INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES(../include/ ${iriutils_INCLUDE_DIR} ${comm_INCLUDE_DIR})
ADD_LIBRARY(usb_i2c_adapter SHARED ${sources})
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