Moved .h files to include folder. Adapted src/CMakelists.txt file to that

parent 9fdf1cf0
......@@ -3,9 +3,9 @@ ADD_SUBDIRECTORY(xml)
# edit the following line to add all the source code files of the library
SET(sources dynamixel.cpp dynamixelserver.cpp dynamixelserver_ftdi.cpp dynamixelserver_serial.cpp dynamixelexceptions.cpp dynamixel_slave.cpp dynamixel_slave_ftdi.cpp dynamixel_slave_serial.cpp)
# edit the following line to add all the header files of the library
SET(headers dynamixel.h dynamixelserver.h dynamixelserver_ftdi.h dynamixelserver_serial.h dynamixelexceptions.h dynamixel_common.h dynamixel_slave.h dynamixel_slave_ftdi.h dynamixel_slave_serial.h)
SET(headers ../include/dynamixel.h ../include/dynamixelserver.h ../include/dynamixelserver_ftdi.h ../include/dynamixelserver_serial.h ../include/dynamixelexceptions.h ../include/dynamixel_common.h ../include/dynamixel_slave.h dynamixel_slave_ftdi.h ../include/dynamixel_slave_serial.h)
# edit the following line to find the necessary packages
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