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visual odometry demo, inspired from apriltag demo, not tested

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# wolf_demo_visual_odometry
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<!-- -->
<!--USER ARGS-->
<arg name="rviz" default="true" />
<arg name="speed" default="1" />
<arg name="sec" default="0" />
<arg name="sim_time" default="true" />
<arg name="profiling" default="false" />
<arg name="gdb" default="false" />
<arg name="launch_pref" default="" unless="$(eval profiling or gdb)"/>
<arg name="launch_pref" value="valgrind --tool=callgrind --callgrind-out-file='callgrind.wolf.%p'" if="$(arg profiling)" />
<arg name="launch_pref" value="gdb -ex run --args" if="$(arg gdb)" />
<group if="$(arg rviz)">
<node name="rviz"
args="-d $(find wolf_demo_visual_odometry)/rviz/online.rviz" />
<node type="wolf_ros_node"
launch-prefix="$(arg launch_pref)">
<param name="~yaml_file_path" value="$(find wolf_demo_visual_odometry)/yaml/demo_visual_odometry_euroc.yaml" />
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<package format="2">
<description>The wolf_demo_visual_odometry package</description>
<maintainer email="">mfourmy</maintainer>
<!-- The export tag contains other, unspecified, tags -->
<!-- Other tools can request additional information be placed here -->
- Class: rviz/Displays
Help Height: 0
Name: Displays
Property Tree Widget:
- /TF1/Frames1
- /Factors1/Namespaces1
- /Landmarks1/Namespaces1
- /Trajectory1/Namespaces1
Splitter Ratio: 0.5
Tree Height: 242
- Class: rviz/Selection
Name: Selection
- Class: rviz/Tool Properties
- /2D Pose Estimate1
- /2D Nav Goal1
- /Publish Point1
Name: Tool Properties
Splitter Ratio: 0.5886790156364441
- Class: rviz/Views
- /Current View1
Name: Views
Splitter Ratio: 0.5
- Class: rviz/Time
Experimental: false
Name: Time
SyncMode: 0
SyncSource: Input image
PromptSaveOnExit: true
toolButtonStyle: 2
Visualization Manager:
Class: ""
- Alpha: 0.5
Cell Size: 1
Class: rviz/Grid
Color: 160; 160; 164
Enabled: true
Line Style:
Line Width: 0.029999999329447746
Value: Lines
Name: Grid
Normal Cell Count: 0
X: 0
Y: 0
Z: 0
Plane: XY
Plane Cell Count: 10
Reference Frame: <Fixed Frame>
Value: true
- Class: rviz/Axes
Enabled: true
Length: 0.1
Name: Axes
Radius: 0.01
Show Trail: true
Reference Frame: base_footprint
Value: true
- Class: rviz/TF
Enabled: true
Frame Timeout: 15
All Enabled: false
Value: true
Value: false
Value: false
Marker Alpha: 1
Marker Scale: 0.5
Name: TF
Show Arrows: false
Show Axes: true
Show Names: false
Update Interval: 0
Value: true
- Class: rviz/MarkerArray
Enabled: true
Marker Topic: /wolf_apriltag_vio/marker_array
Name: MarkerArray
Queue Size: 1
Value: true
- Class: rviz/MarkerArray
Enabled: true
Marker Topic: /wolf_ros_node/graph_factors
Name: Factors
factors_APRILTAG PROC: true
factors_IMU PROC: true
factors_text_APRILTAG PROC: false
factors_text_IMU PROC: false
factors_text_unnamed_processor: false
factors_unnamed_processor: true
Queue Size: 1
Value: true
- Class: rviz/MarkerArray
Enabled: true
Marker Topic: /wolf_ros_node/graph_landmarks
Name: Landmarks
landmarks: true
landmarks_text: true
Queue Size: 1
Value: true
- Class: rviz/MarkerArray
Enabled: true
Marker Topic: /wolf_ros_node/graph_trajectory
Name: Trajectory
frames: true
frames_text: false
Queue Size: 1
Value: true
- Class: rviz/Image
Enabled: true
Image Topic: /camera_simu/image_raw
Max Value: 1
Median window: 5
Min Value: 0
Name: Input image
Normalize Range: true
Queue Size: 2
Transport Hint: raw
Unreliable: false
Value: true
- Class: rviz/Image
Enabled: true
Image Topic: /image_debug
Max Value: 1
Median window: 5
Min Value: 0
Name: AprilTag Detections
Normalize Range: true
Queue Size: 2
Transport Hint: raw
Unreliable: false
Value: true
- Class: rviz/Marker
Enabled: true
Marker Topic: visualization_marker
Name: Ground truth
Queue Size: 100
Value: true
Enabled: true
Global Options:
Background Color: 48; 48; 48
Default Light: true
Fixed Frame: map
Frame Rate: 30
Name: root
- Class: rviz/Interact
Hide Inactive Objects: true
- Class: rviz/MoveCamera
- Class: rviz/Select
- Class: rviz/FocusCamera
- Class: rviz/Measure
- Class: rviz/SetInitialPose
Theta std deviation: 0.2617993950843811
Topic: /initialpose
X std deviation: 0.5
Y std deviation: 0.5
- Class: rviz/SetGoal
Topic: /move_base_simple/goal
- Class: rviz/PublishPoint
Single click: true
Topic: /clicked_point
Value: true
Class: rviz/Orbit
Distance: 2.5275864601135254
Enable Stereo Rendering:
Stereo Eye Separation: 0.05999999865889549
Stereo Focal Distance: 1
Swap Stereo Eyes: false
Value: false
Field of View: 0.7853981852531433
Focal Point:
X: 0.22070589661598206
Y: -0.007580682635307312
Z: -0.5612056255340576
Focal Shape Fixed Size: true
Focal Shape Size: 0.05000000074505806
Invert Z Axis: false
Name: Current View
Near Clip Distance: 0.009999999776482582
Pitch: 0.7147972583770752
Target Frame: <Fixed Frame>
Yaw: 5.045364856719971
Saved: ~
Window Geometry:
AprilTag Detections:
collapsed: false
collapsed: false
Height: 998
Hide Left Dock: false
Hide Right Dock: false
Input image:
collapsed: false
QMainWindow State: 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
collapsed: false
collapsed: false
Tool Properties:
collapsed: false
collapsed: false
Width: 1267
X: 653
Y: 27
width: 752
height: 480
camera_name: narrow_stereo
rows: 3
cols: 3
data: [458, 0.000000, 367.215,
0.000000, 457.296, 248.375,
0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000]
distortion_model: plumb_bob
rows: 1
cols: 5
data: [-0.28340811, 0.07395907, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000]
rows: 3
cols: 3
data: [1.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000]
rows: 3
cols: 4
data: [458, 0.000000, 367.215, 0.000000,
0.000000, 457.296, 248.375, 0.000000,
0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000, 0.000000]
profiling: true
profiling_file: "~/wolf_demo_visual_odometry_profiling.txt"
print_problem: false
print_depth: 2 # only if print_problem
print_state: false # only if print_problem
print_constr_by: false # only if print_problem
print_metric: false # only if print_problem
print_state_blocks: false # only if print_problem
print_period: 1 # only if print_problem
node_rate: 100
follow: "tree_manager.yaml"
frame_structure: "POV"
dimension: 3
mode: "factor"
P: [0,0,0]
O: [0,0,0,1] # x,y,z,w
V: [0,0,0]
P: [0.00001, 0.00001, 0.00001]
O: [0.01, 0.01, 0.01]
V: [0.1, 0.1, 0.1]
time_tolerance: 0.01
follow: "solver.yaml"
type: "SensorCamera"
name: "CAMERA"
plugin: "vision"
pose: [0,0,0, 0,0,0,1]
follow: "camera_euroc_mav0.yaml"
type: "ProcessorVisualOdometry"
sensor_name: "CAMERA"
plugin: "apriltag"
follow: "processor_visual_odometry.yaml"
ROS subscriber:
package: "wolf_ros_vision"
type: "SubscriberCamera"
topic: "/TODO"
sensor_name: "CAMERA"
ROS publisher:
type: "PublisherGraph"
topic: "graph"
package: "wolf_ros_node"
period: 0.1
viz_scale: 0.3
text_scale: 0.3
landmark_text_z_offset: 0.3
landmark_length: 0.5
frame_width: 0.01
frame_length: 0.1
frame_vel_scale: 1.0
type: "PublisherTf"
topic: " "
package: "wolf_ros_node"
period: 0.1
map_frame_id: "map"
odom_frame_id: "odom"
base_frame_id: "base_footprint"
publish_odom_tf: true
type: "PublisherVisionDebug"
topic: "/debug_image"
package: "wolf_ros_vision"
period: 0.1
time tolerance: 0.005
voting_active: true
tracker_width: 21
tracker_height: 21
nlevels_pyramids: 3
klt_max_err: 0.2
\ No newline at end of file
interrupt_on_problem_change: false
min_num_iterations: 4
max_num_iterations: 20
function_tolerance: 1e-7
gradient_tolerance: 1e-9
use_nonmonotonic_steps: false
period: 0.3 # note: this must be smaller (i.e. faster) than the KF period in processor_tracker_landmark_apriltag.yaml
n_threads: 2
compute_cov: false
verbose: 0
\ No newline at end of file
type: TreeManagerSlidingWindow
n_fix_first_frames: 1
n_frames: 15
viral_remove_empty_parent: true
# type: "none"
\ No newline at end of file
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