Commit 78e93b99 authored by Furushchev's avatar Furushchev
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[libuvc_camera/src/camera_driver.cpp] use frame's capture time for timestamp...

[libuvc_camera/src/camera_driver.cpp] use frame's capture time for timestamp of ros message instead of callback time
parent 09a21ab2
......@@ -157,8 +157,7 @@ void CameraDriver::ReconfigureCallback(UVCCameraConfig &new_config, uint32_t lev
void CameraDriver::ImageCallback(uvc_frame_t *frame) {
// TODO: Switch to {frame}'s timestamp once that becomes reliable.
ros::Time timestamp = ros::Time::now();
ros::Time timestamp = ros::Time(frame->capture_time.tv_sec, frame->capture_time.tv_usec);
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