Commit 30b3cfd1 authored by Ken Tossell's avatar Ken Tossell
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Added more informative error messages in the case of uvc_open() failure

parent 24e3bdc3
...@@ -271,7 +271,29 @@ void CameraDriver::OpenCamera(UVCCameraConfig &new_config) { ...@@ -271,7 +271,29 @@ void CameraDriver::OpenCamera(UVCCameraConfig &new_config) {
uvc_error_t open_err = uvc_open(dev_, &devh_); uvc_error_t open_err = uvc_open(dev_, &devh_);
if (open_err != UVC_SUCCESS) { if (open_err != UVC_SUCCESS) {
uvc_perror(open_err, "uvc_open"); switch (open_err) {
#ifdef __linux__
ROS_ERROR("Permission denied opening /dev/bus/usb/%03d/%03d",
uvc_get_bus_number(dev_), uvc_get_device_address(dev_));
ROS_ERROR("Permission denied opening device %d on bus %d",
uvc_get_device_address(dev_), uvc_get_bus_number(dev_));
#ifdef __linux__
ROS_ERROR("Can't open /dev/bus/usb/%03d/%03d: %s (%d)",
uvc_get_bus_number(dev_), uvc_get_device_address(dev_),
uvc_strerror(open_err), open_err);
ROS_ERROR("Can't open device %d on bus %d: %s (%d)",
uvc_get_device_address(dev_), uvc_get_bus_number(dev_),
uvc_strerror(open_err), open_err);
uvc_unref_device(dev_); uvc_unref_device(dev_);
return; return;
} }
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