Commit e2638f2b authored by Alejandro Lopez Gestoso's avatar Alejandro Lopez Gestoso
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Update server address

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...@@ -28,8 +28,8 @@ update_repo: ...@@ -28,8 +28,8 @@ update_repo:
stage: deploy stage: deploy
script: script:
- cd build - cd build
- "scp -i /root/.ssh/iriLabKeyNopwd -r *lidar-lite*.deb irilabo@" - "scp -i /root/.ssh/iriLabKeyNopwd -r *lidar-lite*.deb"
- "ssh irilabo@ -i /root/.ssh/iriLabKeyNopwd -tt /home/irilabo/repo_scripts/ lidar-lite" - "ssh -i /root/.ssh/iriLabKeyNopwd -tt /home/irilabo/repo_scripts/ lidar-lite"
only: only:
- tags - tags
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