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[skip-ci] A bit of refactoring ot make it work -> solver is 2 times slower...

[skip-ci] A bit of refactoring ot make it work -> solver is 2 times slower using reprojection factor
parent 582cc2c4
......@@ -323,31 +323,41 @@ unsigned int ProcessorTrackerLandmarkApriltag::detectNewFeatures(const int& _max
const CaptureBasePtr& _capture,
FeatureBasePtrList& _features_out)
// list of landmarks in the map
const LandmarkBasePtrList& landmark_list = getProblem()->getMap()->getLandmarkList();
for (auto feature_in_image : detections_last_)
// _max_new_features: max number of new features to be detected
// _capture: capture in which are stored the features
// _features_out: filled with new features in last. Empty at the beginning of the call
// detectNewFeatures is called by processNew() in ProcessorTrackerLandmark
// processNew is only called when a KF is created by the processor or another
// (except for the SECOND_TIME_WITHOUT_KEYFRAME case)
// -> use detections in last frame/capture to detect features that cannot be associated to any landmark, create one accordingly
// Loop over the detections in last and check
for (auto feat: detections_last_)
// max_new_features reached
if (_max_new_features != -1 && _features_out.size() == _max_new_features)
bool feature_already_found(false);
auto feature_april = std::static_pointer_cast<FeatureApriltagPose>(feature_in_image);
//Loop over the landmark to find is one is associated to feature_in_image
for(auto it = landmark_list.begin(); it != landmark_list.end(); ++it){
if(std::static_pointer_cast<LandmarkApriltag>(*it)->getTagId() == feature_april->getTagId()){
feature_already_found = true;
auto feat_april = std::static_pointer_cast<FeatureApriltag>(feat);
bool match_found = false;
// Loop over the landmarks to find if one is associated to the
for(auto lmk: getProblem()->getMap()->getLandmarkList()){
auto lmk_april = std::dynamic_pointer_cast<LandmarkApriltag>(lmk);
if (lmk_april and lmk_april->getTagId() == feat_april->getTagId())
match_found = true;
if (!feature_already_found)
// if the feature was not matched to any existing landmark, add it to the new features list
if (!match_found)
// remove duplicate features (detections that correspond to the same landmark, even though this should never happen)
for (FeatureBasePtrList::iterator it=_features_out.begin(); it != _features_out.end(); ++it)
if (std::static_pointer_cast<FeatureApriltagPose>(*it)->getTagId() == feature_april->getTagId())
if (std::static_pointer_cast<FeatureApriltag>(*it)->getTagId() == feat_april->getTagId())
//we have a detection with the same id as the currently processed one. We remove the previous feature from the list for now
......@@ -355,15 +365,12 @@ unsigned int ProcessorTrackerLandmarkApriltag::detectNewFeatures(const int& _max
// discard features that do not have orientation information
if (!feature_april->getUserotation())
// If the feature is not in the map & not in the list of newly detected features yet then we add it.
// link feature (they are created unlinked in preprocess())
} //otherwise we check the next feature
......@@ -406,19 +413,21 @@ unsigned int ProcessorTrackerLandmarkApriltag::findLandmarks(const LandmarkBaseP
FeatureBasePtrList& _features_out,
LandmarkMatchMap& _feature_landmark_correspondences)
for (auto feature_in_image : detections_incoming_)
for (auto feat : detections_incoming_)
int tag_id(std::static_pointer_cast<FeatureApriltag>(feature_in_image)->getTagId());
int tag_id(std::static_pointer_cast<FeatureApriltag>(feat)->getTagId());
for (auto landmark_in_ptr : _landmarks_in)
for (auto lmk : _landmarks_in)
if(std::static_pointer_cast<LandmarkApriltag>(landmark_in_ptr)->getTagId() == tag_id)
auto lmk_april = std::dynamic_pointer_cast<LandmarkApriltag>(lmk);
// would be so much easier with an std::map
if(lmk_april and lmk_april->getTagId() == tag_id)
double score(1.0);
LandmarkMatchPtr matched_landmark = std::make_shared<LandmarkMatch>(landmark_in_ptr, score);
_feature_landmark_correspondences.emplace ( feature_in_image, matched_landmark );
feature_in_image->link(_capture); // since all features are created in preProcess() are unlinked
LandmarkMatchPtr matched_landmark = std::make_shared<LandmarkMatch>(lmk, score);
_feature_landmark_correspondences.emplace ( feat, matched_landmark );
feat->link(_capture); // since all features are created in preProcess() are unlinked
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