Commit 385c05a8 authored by Joan Solà Ortega's avatar Joan Solà Ortega
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Merge branch '25-follow-core-465-migrate-from-stateblock-to-statederived' into 'devel'

Resolve "follow core 465 Migrate from StateBlock to StateDerived"

Closes #25

See merge request !39
parents bc67109c 919c1940
......@@ -23,11 +23,12 @@
#include "core/common/factory.h"
#include "core/math/rotations.h"
#include "core/yaml/yaml_conversion.h"
#include <core/state_block/state_block_derived.h>
namespace wolf {
LandmarkApriltag::LandmarkApriltag(Eigen::Vector7d& pose, const int& _tagid, const double& _tag_width) :
LandmarkBase("LandmarkApriltag", std::make_shared<StateBlock>(pose.head(3)), std::make_shared<StateQuaternion>(pose.tail(4))),
LandmarkBase("LandmarkApriltag", std::make_shared<StatePoint3d>(pose.head(3)), std::make_shared<StateQuaternion>(pose.tail(4))),
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