Commit 4c2c74a6 authored by Joan Vallvé Navarro's avatar Joan Vallvé Navarro
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scrab frequency of kf

parent 22d9f70e
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ fix: false
enu_map_fix_dist: 5
voting_active: true
max_time_span: 0.5
max_time_span: 0.1
min_features_for_keyframe: 0 #4
sateph: 6 # satellite ephemeris/clock: EPHOPT_BRDC(0):broadcast ephemeris, EPHOPT_PREC(1): precise ephemeris, EPHOPT_SBAS(2): broadcast + SBAS, EPHOPT_SSRAPC(3): broadcast + SSR_APC, EPHOPT_SSRCOM(4): broadcast + SSR_COM, EPHOPT_LEX(5): QZSS LEX ephemeris, EPHOPT_SBAS2(6):broadcast + SBAS(sats with SBAS corr and sats with BRDC eph), EPHOPT_SBAS3(7):broadcast + SBAS(EPHOPT_SBAS if possible, otherwise EPHOPT_SBAS2), EPHOPT_SBAS4(8):broadcast + SBAS(EPHOPT_SBAS if possible, otherwise EPHOPT_BRDC)
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