Commit 3f11f124 authored by Sergi Hernandez's avatar Sergi Hernandez
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Added a static transform between the map and opendrive frames.

Added arguments to the navigation launch to specify the opendrive transform.
parent 6b4729d9
base_global_planner: "iri_opendrive_global_planner/OpendriveGlobalPlanner"
opendrive_frame: "opendrive"
angle_tol: 0.5
dist_tol: 0.3
multi_hyp: True
......@@ -19,6 +19,10 @@
<arg name="car_y" default="0.0"/>
<arg name="car_yaw" default="0.0"/>
<arg name="opendrive_x" default="0.0"/>
<arg name="opendrive_y" default="0.0"/>
<arg name="opendrive_yaw" default="0.0"/>
<include file="$(find iri_rosnav)/launch/nav.launch">
<arg name="ns" value="$(arg name)"/>
<arg name="path" value="$(find iri_adc_launch)/config/adc_rosnav"/>
......@@ -59,4 +63,7 @@
<param name="/$(arg name)/move_base/OpendriveGlobalPlanner/opendrive_file" value="$(arg opendrive_path)/$(arg map_name).xodr" />
<node name="static_tf_map_to_opendrive" pkg="tf" type="static_transform_publisher"
args="$(arg opendrive_x) $(arg opendrive_y) 0 $(arg opendrive_yaw) 0 0 map opendrive 100">
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