Commit 0d81c8cc authored by Alejandro Lopez Gestoso's avatar Alejandro Lopez Gestoso
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Added ar_track_alvar marker_margin parameter

parent 9f0dfee3
......@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@
<param name="marker_size" type="double" value="$(arg marker_size)" />
<param name="max_new_marker_error" type="double" value="0.08" />
<param name="max_track_error" type="double" value="0.2" />
<param name="marker_margin" type="double" value="1.0" />
<param name="output_frame" type="string" value="$(arg car_name)/front_camera_uvc_camera_optical" />
<remap from="/$(arg car_name)/camera_image" to="/$(arg car_name)/sensors/basler_camera/inverted_image_raw" />
<remap from="/$(arg car_name)/camera_info" to="/$(arg car_name)/sensors/basler_camera/camera_info" />
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